Special Events

Virtual Warriors

It is a video game competition where the contestants use their gaming skills to compete with each other in each round. Each player plays against other players at the same time in the same game environment using networking or online.

Team Event

Name of coordinators:

Sai Ashrith     PhNo : 9492849428

Ganoji Prashanth     PhNo : 8333945883

Hoverboard Ride

Hoverboard Ride will be great Experience and is much of fun.

Team Event

Name of coordinators:

Vaishnavi    PhNo : 9492233833

Anusha    PhNo : 9000235569


It is a Maze in the dark.

Team Event

Name of coordinators:

K. Sai Mithra     PhNo : 7729947739

C. Rohan Chand     PhNo : 8555869091

Get Through It

The game consists of 4 stages in which 5 members will be competing against each other to get through different stages with elimination process.

Individual Event

Name of coordinators:

Gousia Tahmeena     PhNo : 8499870450

Krishna Sai Katta     PhNo : 9618685585


It is based on creating a 3D movie based on virtual environment that sync with what is shown on the screen. The effects will be created artificially.

Team Event

Name of coordinators:

P. Bharadwaj     PhNo : 9030366260

Abdul Afreedi     PhNo : 7032428802


A beautiful set is provided with many fun and flamboyant decors. Drop by to capture some fun memories for a lifetime.

Team Event

Name of coordinators:

G. Hashish     PhNo : 9533334404

V. Sreeja     PhNo: 8897504218

Devils Junction

The room will be designed to resemble a horror film set. The room would be divided into sub plots and each bear a different theme. Each show would last for 4 minutes.

Team Event

Name of coordinators:

K. Milind Reddy     PhNo : 9032923089

Adithi Nagula     PhNo : 9000389017

Conclave Talks 2k18

Bored of reading INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES online ? why dont you experience hearing them live!

Team Event

Name of coordinators:

Dinesh     PhNo : 9989996105

Preetham     PhNo : 9542474672

Suraj     PhNo : 7730907830

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